What Our Members Are Saying:

"Your service is perfect for someone who wants to be invested in the stock market but does not have the time or knowledge to research the stocks themselves."

Jan W., Accounting Manager, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

"Before I subscribed to Joseph's portfolio I was moderately successful with my investments, but I did not have the time to research each investment as thoroughly as I would have liked or to keep up with news related to my investments. Occasionally, I was caught by surprise and incurred large losses on individual stocks. For somebody like me who has the ability but not the time to manage my own investments, Joseph's portfolio is the perfect product. I aligned 75% of my stock investments with Joseph's portfolio and kept managing 25% on my own. Joseph consistently beats my best efforts."

Jim S.

"I really appreciate the investing insight and information that Joseph & Company provides. I have always found it to be steady and logical. I have benefited by following the portfolio and adding a value based approach to my investing mix. I consider Joe to be one of the most, if not the most, financially wise people I know. I value his insights and strategies as provided by Joseph & Company."

Mike F., Pharmacist, North Liberty, Iowa

"As busy professionals, my wife and I often don't have the time to research balance sheets and business models. As cautious investors, we want our stock portfolio invested in well-run companies. With Joseph & Company, we have the confidence that their recommendations have been thoroughly vetted and are well-positioned for long-term growth."
Chris J.

"I am very familiar with investments and am comfortable selecting mutual funds for my personal investment portfolio.  When it comes to the portion of my portfolio that I want invested in individual stocks however, I have neither the time, talent, or interest in evaluating various stocks and determining specifically what to buy, how much of it to buy, when to buy it, and, later, when to sell it.  This takes a unique skill set to do effectively, and I believe Joseph Allen has these skills.  His recommendations are specific.  They are timely, and they are well documented."
Anonymous subscriber

"I was searching for an investment strategy which would study and recommend investments which are outside my technical expertise and are not following the masses.  I also wanted relatively long term investments, in part to minimize my effort and the critical timing required to respond to actions.  Joseph & Company satisfied all my requirements and has demonstrated above average returns on my investments.  I am very happy to get such good and reliable advice for such a small fee.  Thank you Joseph & Company.  I have recommended you and will continue to do so when I am asked about investing in the market."

James Y., Engineering Management, Cedar Rapids, Iowa


"I wanted to write a note and let you know how pleased I’ve been with the services that Joseph’s Portfolio provides.  I would consider myself to be an amateur at best investor and the guidance provided by Joseph is exactly what I needed to feel confident in where to put my investment dollars.  The results to date have been better than other investment options that I’m also using including company sponsored 401k’s, mutual funds, etc.  I plan on continuing my subscription to Joseph’s services for the foreseeable future as the trust and confidence I have in his services is second to none”

Brad W., Vice President - Sales, Marion, Iowa

"Before becoming a subscriber to Joseph's portfolio, I invested only in my company 401k plan, but had desired to diversify and invest some on my own. After the company made a plan switch, I was unable to roll my 401k into the new plan and as a result, I was seeking out new investment opportunities. With limited time to research and little experience in the world of investments, Joseph's portfolio helped me make my first investments and continues to provide me with the information I need to invest with confidence. I've been pleased with the investment gains and would recommend Joseph & Company to anyone looking to invest - both experienced and first-time investors will benefit from Joseph's proven track record."

Dylan J.

"Prior to subscribing to Joseph's Portfolio & Commentary, my investment choices were based upon scant research and popular hunches. Since following Joseph's portfolio, my investments have been less volatile and have experienced better growth. Joseph's Portfolio & Commentary takes a lot of the "guess" work out of choosing stocks. Once I understood the extent of Joseph's research, along with his passion and knowledge, I've achieved a comfort level unknown before. I'd encourage mature stock investors to seriously consider the advice given by Joseph."

Anonymous subscriber