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Election investing – 5 megatrends propelling my stock portfolio through election season

October 5, 2016

On November 8, people across the United States will head to the polls and cast their ballots. The presidential race is especially top of mind right now. Uncertainty regarding the outcome has many investors sitting on the sidelines. Not me. I’m invested, and plan to stay invested regardless of who wins the election. Here’s why I’m not waiting until after the election to invest.


Today, companies across the business spectrum are moving at frantic paces to delight and win customers. Many exciting developments are taking place. As I inspect the 11 companies currently making up our premium newsletter stock portfolio, it is clear that each of these companies is being faced with new challenges and opportunities that will require investment now and long after people have forgotten about the elections. These megatrends will push business forward for many companies, not just those that I own. Here are some examples:

  • Global platforms – Software and connectivity is opening up a literal world of opportunities to trade and collaborate, as well as gain massive economies of scale. To some extent, business borders are evaporating. Even rather small corporations today are leveraging the entire globe, creating a new type of truly global enterprise. 

  • Digital world – Retail, payments, banking, corporate records, marketing, entertainment, and information continue to digitize, changing the way we get things done. Gadgets aren’t the only drivers of this change. Human behavior is adjusting to a digitally connected (but physically disconnected) state of affairs. Business relationships are going digital – now that’s a revolutionary idea! I’m not talking about Facebook connections. I’m referring to deeper relationships of trust. Think digital handshakes and digital advice. Chances are, you’re buying behavior is already affected by this trend.

  • Logistics – Growth in multi-modal and cross-border shipping solutions are working to connect markets and boost trade. New modes of transportation (think drones) are already at work in some foreign countries and continue to be tested here in the U.S. Online merchants are laser focused on reducing shipping and other fulfillment costs while at the same time setting new high bars for freaky fast delivery.

  • Big data – Powerful computers connected by super-fast networks are presenting new opportunities for using data. Cloud computing networks, combined with analytical tools, are giving rise to a new computing era. Software programs are now writing new lines of code without human direction, and this capability is allowing computers to adapt and learn like never before. This trend promises radical improvements in areas like healthcare, compliance, customer service, and security, to name a few.

  • Energy evolution – New ways to harvest, use, and store energy are helping businesses and governments solve old problems. Battery technology, particularly, offers some very interesting possibilities as renewable energy is packaged and distributed efficiently and economically to be used when needed and where needed. Battery-powered buses, taxis, forklifts, street sweepers, garbage trucks, drayage trucks, and utility-scale energy-storage units are no longer visions of the distant future – at least one company is producing this technology right here in America and around the world.


The above megatrends hardly capture all of the exciting developments presently affecting the corporate world. Change is nothing new in business. The rules have always evolved quickly, with a million different variables introducing a constant stream of uncertainties. Elections are only one of many different forces at work to influence business and investment conditions.


The market may wobble, or even crash, after the election, but this is just short-term thinking. The trick to successfully investing in stocks is to keep things in perspective, focus on the long term, and own companies that can win no matter who is elected.

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